Absorb Washable Bed Pad with tucks


Absorb Washable Bed Pads with tucks, 75 x 90cm.

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  • Waterproof
  • Absorbent
  • Breathable
  • Hygienic
  • Washable

What is Absorb?

Absorb is a skin friendly breathable, washable underpad used for incontinence care.  The round corners of Absorb eliminate the risk of unsightly abrasions, while slim line profile lays flat, minimizing bunching and the risk of potential pressure points.  Absorb is specially designed to cut cost, improving safety and reach higher standards for patient handling.

How Absorb works

The soft and always dry surface of the Absorb pad is made up of specially constructed fibres that channel liquids down into the absorbent soaker, allowing for surface dryness and comfort in just minutes.  The super-absorbent soaker provides effective fluid containment.  The impermeable membrane barrier offers excellent linen wetness protection, resulting in less work for caregivers. Furthermore its breathable nature allows vapour transmission and keeps sweating at minimum.  The resilient, stain resistant bottom layer protects the bed against all types of leakages and stains.

How to fit the Absorb Pad:

  1. Lay the pad with the longest edge running across the width of the mattress
  2. Make sure the green surface is facing up with the blue surface facing down on the mattress
  3. Tuck the two side tucks under both sides of the mattress
  4. The pad is now ready to use

Where to use Absorb?

  • Children with bed wetting problems
  • Maternity Care – Baby Care
  • Rest Homes, Hotels, Schools, Pre-Schools
  • Ideal for bedridden patients


Model Absorb Washable Bed Pads with tucks
Absorption Capacity 2.6 Litres
Size 75 x 90cm
Washing Instructions Washable at 90 Degrees, does not need ironing.  Suitable for tumble dry


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