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Easy to use Genuine RADAR Disabled Toilet Key with Blue Badge Co Keyring.

Why should I buy it?

  • Opens over 10,000 locked public disabled toilets in the UK
  • The new Blue Heart Comfort Key design distinguishes this genuine key from poor-quality replicas
  • The attractive blue heart handle is not cold to touch and is ergonomically designed for optimum grip and leverage, making it ideal for those with limited hand or wrist mobility
  • Toilets fitted with RADAR locks can now be found in shopping centres, pubs & cafes, parks & footpaths, airports & stations – be confident that these toilets will be available to meet your needs.
  • Blue Badge Co products are designed and handmade in our Bristol based studio. By making a purchase you enable us to continue employing people with disabilities. Thank you for supporting our UK business!

Dimensions: (L) 6cm x (H) 10cm x (D) 1cm


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