Trombone Hinged Support Rail


Useful where space is limited, as they fold up when not in use or for access/wheelchair transfers.  Requires installation.

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  • Requires installation
  • Wall-mounted behind toilet or in shower, they assist with sitting down/standing up
  • Made from robust mild steel, 3.5cm (1.4”) in diameter, and coated with white epoxy powder for durability
  • Simple lift and drop folding mechanism with minimal lateral movement – locks securely into position when folded up
  • Leg adjusts tool-free in increments of 2.5cm (1”) to suit user and fine-adjusts for uneven floors etc
  • Wall plate size: 10cm x 20cm (3.9” x 7.9”) with 6 x 8mm (0.3”) diameter holes
  • Model features a toilet role holder and a rubber ferrule at the base of the rail to prevent wear and tear on the wall plate
  • Tested up to 19 stone (120kgs)


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