Used: Drive Dual Wheel – Automatic Folding Mobility Scooter

Used: The Drive  Auto-Fold Scooter folds in seconds! Ideal for travel due to it’s compact size. This scooter has undergone a full service and a brand new battery.

Used: The Drive Dual- Wheel Automatic Folding Mobility Scooter has been designed to allow users to simply transport and store their scooter, making it ideal for easy traveling. It is lightweight as it weighs only 20kg. It can be easily folded and unfolded by remote control in under 20 seconds providing a quick and easy transport solution for users on the go. Additional safety features such as speed reduction when cornering, an auto stop function and the anti-slip footwell carpet all provide further security to the user for added peace of mind.

  • Brand New Battery fitted May 2023
  • Compact Scooter Designed To Fit Into Small Car Boots
  • Can Be Folded Or Unfolded Via Remote Or Buttons On The Scooter
  • Height-Adjustable Tiller Suits Users Individual Requirements
  • Auto-Electromagnetic Brake System
  • Auto Speed Reduction On Bends
  • On-Board Charging
  • Anti-Rollback System Safety Device
  • Airline-Friendly Batteries (Lithium Battery)
  • Folds To Compact Size Within 20 Seconds
  • Maximum Range Of 6 Miles On Full Battery
  • Stunning Bright Copper Colour
  • Comes with Padded carry bag which protects the Scooter whilst in transitSpecification:
  • Length 89cm (35″)
  • Height 86cm (34″)
  • Width 41cm (16″)
  • Speed 4 mph
  • Range 6 miles on full battery
  • Weight 21.5kg
  • Weight capacity 115kg (18st)
  • Ground clearance 17mm
  • Please note the image is a stock photo and not an image of the actual scooter


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